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About MobiusCo - MobiusCo Photography

In life there are many things that draw our interests and passion. For some these are fleeting moments, and for others this becomes a life long endevour that drives our every breath. Photography has been this passion for me, from the first camera my parents bought me in elementary school to the present day and future. Through the span of my life I have shot a wide range from editorial, sports, wedding, news, and nature/landscapes onto beauty and glamour.

Creating a vision. The mind is the source of all my works. Many people find inspiration in a variety of places and way. For me personally the inspiration is the model's themselves. When I first meet with a model or review her online portfolio the mind is flooded with a wide range of concepts, the goal is to then bring these concepts into a clear and focused mental image.

Once the concepts have been refined the planning is underway to put together the outfits, accessories and make-up for the shoot. As the material items come together then the visions of lighting, backgrounds, editing, and all the technical settings come into play. This is all brought together into the shoot, where the primary goal is to bring to reality the image the mind formulated in the first place.

MobiusCo photography is a subdivision of digital design. The primary focus of the photography page is to showcase various photography projects that are undertaken by MobiusCo. Including: Beauty, Glamour, Artistic, Creative, Expressive, Projects, and etc.

MobiusCo Photography is not a professional photography studio, or company. It is primarily a sideline hobby for MobiusCo. In other words the combination of digital art and photography allows for an escape from the day to day commercial code writing, and graphic design.

Commercial Look: considering the fact that this site will be visited mostly be clients, models, and other
photographers, the site has been designed to reflect this aspect.